Billy Norwood

SethI not only grew up in Richmond Hill, GA, but that is where my family and I continue to live and call home. My wife, Sara, is in banking, and we have been blessed with two beautiful daughters: Caitlyn Taylor and Riley Peyton. I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention the two family dogs: Mia, a boxer and our chocolate lab, Colby.

Unlike some folks who “stumble” into construction and call themselves a professional, I’ve focused on construction for quite a while. I graduated from Georgia Southern with a BS in Construction Management in 2003, and have worked steadily in the construction industry ever since.

Along the way I’ve been privileged to work with some really great companies: Genesis Designer Homes—my first job post-graduation—focused on multi-family townhomes and single family construction. Best Custom Homes (specializing in high-end custom homes in Blufton, SC: Berkley Hall, Belfair, and Palmetto Bluff subdivisions). At Grotheer Construction, the focus was on high end custom homes in Brays Island Plantation in Sheldon, SC. I was the Project Manager for Grotheer’s insurance restoration division.

My brother Seth and I decided to combine our talents and work together. Norwood Construction became a reality!

Seth Norwood

BillyI will start of by saying that God and Family are the two most essential parts of life. That is why in October 2013, we made to the decision to move our family back to the city we call home, Richmond Hill, Georgia. This is where my wife, Whitney, and I were raised and where both of our families live. This is where we will raise our two kids Carson and Palmer. It is here that we are surrounded by the love of God, and our family and friends. It is here that our parents get to watch their grand children grow up. It is here that cousins get to grow up together. It is here that we will make a lifetime of memories. It is here that my brother, Billy, and I are growing our business, creating relationships, building the future, and enjoying what a small town and the surrounding areas have to offer.

With that in mind, if you or someone you know is considering building a new home, remodeling an existing home, building an addition, or thinking about any other construction projects, consider becoming part of the Norwood family.

We would love an opportunity to build your future along with ours.